Sunday, 29 October 2017

Be bold, run free

Basic? Maybe. Immensely cool? Definitely.

I have declared wearing adidas track pants my favourite fall activity so far. I wear them to go out. I wear them for grocery shopping, I even tricked myself into thinking they are formal wear — so I wear them to the office. 

As for this look, I paired the famous three-striped pants with this white top with tie details instead of a plain white tee. If I had a more feminine-looking blouse or girly top, I would probably go for it — because wearing things wrong is so much fun. And then there’s a military jacket coming in classic khaki, army green print. The cotton fabric is easy, breezy, and perfect for Maltese not-quite-an-autumn autumn — which means tourists are still swimming, but when the sun sets, suddenly the air turns twenty degrees colder — so some layering needed.

Now let’s talk kicks. I feel like these days, you can’t walk three steps without spotting a pair of Vans sneakers or slipons — they are not fashion-canonized converse shoes, but the Instagram culture did what it had to. My love story with Vans had started long before they’ve actually got their trending moment. They have long remained a solid staple in my wardrobe: comfortable, durable, easy to wear. Plus, it’s just about the spirit, just like Z-Boys who popularised them, Vans have that congener-competitor vibe. Ride or die, always fly!


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