Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Another Love Letter to Abloom


Carla Grima’s Atelier had another summer show presenting Summer 2017 collection at the Broadside Terrace last week. The mainly calm presentation felt so good and right for the beautiful and relaxed collection that is Abloom, and loud colours added life to the show.

Carla Grima’s Atelier brought us an array of flowing, beautiful pieces in a distinctive pallet of vibrant orange, grey, mazarine blue and mint. I’m so into it. It’s a stunningly elegant collection that in the same time looks so comfy and easy to manipulate. Complimented by straw hats, lighter than air silk and cotton in varying forms and flowing silhouettes made up the majority of the show.

The show progressed with a number of stunning swimwear pieces. Still can’t get over the deep V-neck swimsuit since I had seen it at Malta Fashion Week for the first time. Seriously, it might be the most beautiful swimwear ever. Not to mention it is perfect to wear as a top.

I just wish I were a headscarf person or had what it takes to pull off the Mediterranean vibe — that’s what Abloom is about anyway. Then I would just immediately trade my whole grungy wardrobe to wear these silky, flowing beauties with no doubts and no questions to ask.

Read more about Carla Grima's Studio Abloom collection here.

Pictures by JCiappara Photography


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