Saturday, 27 May 2017

Parascandalo: Vanity Rebels

Parascandalo is one of Malta’s most cutting-edge brands, creating new visual identity for the country’s fashion scene.

The Vanity Rebels collection is very 'youth' and ‘new'. From forward-thinking graphics to the statement-making denim jacket featuring pink ribbon sleeve detail, that’s what makes Vanity Rebels particularly desirable. The colour palette is dark and edgy, and truly unisex — something we expect from a Parascandalo runway — with pops of pink, blue and red.

In the same time the collection is an epic love letter to Malta. Think the iconic symbols of Malta including the eye of Osiris and the Maltese cross in the form of bags and bold prints. It seems that Parascandalo has successfully turned national identity into an all-encompassing trend. 

Although, what I love about Parascandalo is that the brand is not just producing clothes that would only work for Malta. Marco speaks the global fashion language which knows no borders. Denim, bold t-shirts, chokers – it’s that youth code. Vanity Rebels is basically what the cool kids of Shoreditch live for: cool, young, with a slightly dark undertone.

Vanity Rebels is raw, effortless and age-defying. It’s all we had expected and what I wish I had in my wardrobe for that extra touch of «cool». 

Pictures: JCiappara Photography 


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