Thursday, 25 May 2017

Rosemarie Abela: La Cupola

Malta Fashion Week has officially begun, as the lucky audience is taken to Fort St. Elmo located in the capital of Valletta to enjoy five days of shows, parties, presentations and exhibitions.

First day kicked off with Rosemarie Abela and her collection La Cupola. Most pleasing of all, the muse of the collection is Iris Apfel — the 95-year-old it-girl and my personal fashion crush. When it comes to fashion, Iris has no rules, that’s why I absolutely adore her. Here is one of my favourite quotes from Iris: «Life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress». 

You get the idea. Apfel has an absolutely unique and fearless approach. She is all about deconstructed silhouettes, rare fabrics, and trademark, oversized rounded spectacles — thank you Rosemarie Abela for this reference.

There were long silhouettes, dense wools, and an abundance of black, white and gold. 
The pieces were formal and careful, yet felt easy to slip into. It’s a tasteful collection with clothes for someone who appreciates structural silhouettes.

My highlights included the figure hugging pom-pom dress and black long jumpsuit which made my eyes into emoji hearts because of the silhouette, plus there were unexpectedly cool sheer pockets.

The white two-piece with a voluminous skirt featuring Valetta’s skyline got its fair share of attention from attendees. It was a real show-stopper!

Photos: Nicholas Borg


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