Thursday, 13 April 2017

Shoesday: The Search for Perfect Mules

This is a post about the content of my shopping cart a.k.a the desires of my heart.

Couldn’t be happier about the mule shoe revolution. Designed with a backless silhouette and comfortable mid heel, a new pair of these beauties is perfect way to celebrate this spring season.

Although it has brought me quite a dilemma: I’ve put four pairs of mules in my shopping cart and I’ve got to have them all. But that would steal all my €€€, and I decided that I won’t be greedy. One pair should be enough to get me through the warmer seasons. So now I have to choose and that’s painful. You know?

Anyway, here’re the shoes that would bring me joy every time I look southward:

Jeffrey Campbell

I have a thing for transparent details, plus they’re not total bank-breakers.

Lena Mesh

Not my style at all, but then again, a clear heel makes me wanna splash a whole heap of cash on these.

Jeffrey Cambell

That’s what they call bohemian-chic. Eastern-inspired design and floral embroidery. I. Just. Can’t.

Urban Outfitters

These I would just glue to my feet. They basically eat my heart out with a fork and knife. Need!


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